Don’t Be A Christian Lone Ranger


The blue, yellow, and green M&M’s taunt me as I peek from the corner of my eye.  My body plods forward as I continuously repeat, “Just Keep Walking.”  My legs hesitate to cooperate and my fingers slide around a handful of smooth milk chocolate.

I’ve lost the battle again!

How can I expect my dear friend to overcome her sinister addiction when I’m fighting a daily struggle?

At a transitional house for women recovering from alcohol addictions, a woman sits alone at a dinner table.  She blankly stares ahead with tear filled eyes.  Distrust flickers in her brown eyes when I thinly smile at her.

Understanding her wariness, I sense a deep sorrow engulfing her heart.  When we hurt, we hide.  We burrow deep within ourselves, build a protective wall, and clip emotional ties.  We seek distance.

However isolation offers false security.

Satan drops obstacles at your every turn to prevent Godly friendships.  He desires to isolate us. A lone woman struggles to fend off an attack.

When darkness starts to seep into our hearts, acquaintances are easily fooled.  However a close friend’s scrutiny detects sadness with a single glance in our eyes.

Numerous dolphin stories describe how they nudge injured group members to the ocean surface.  These nurturing animals inspire me.  They don’t barge in with questions or shout unwanted advice; they simply lift up their loved one.

Jesus didn’t intend for us to exist as the Christian Lone Ranger.

When a rip tide pulls a friend under, He desires for us to remain steadfast.  However He doesn’t expect us to rescue them.

When my heart breaks for a friend, I sink to my knees and pray for God’s direction.

My first instinct desires to protect her trust.     Help her hide her wounds.  However, admitting the imperfect situation invites healing.  Without disclosing specific details, you can ask a prayer group to request a spiritual, emotional, or physical need.

Meanwhile pray out loud to God to tear down any walls harboring secrets.  He is always trustworthy!

The next time an emotional hurricane blows your way, arrange for a coffee with a Christian friend.  Instead of grabbing a shovel to bury a hurting heart, connect with a woman who is growing in her daily walk.

Don’t abandon a friendship because overcoming addiction seems impossible.  Remember, Jesus always fights for you!

Spiritual Battles are fought together by obedient believers of Christ who offer fervent prayers.

Dear Lord, You have amazing strength to overcome our addictions. Instead of retreating away from friends, help us to connect to Godly women.  Forgive us when we doubt.  Thank you for sending friends to remind us of your loving promises.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Published by April Jollie

Teacher + Writer = Lessons of Hope for Tough Days, writer to deepen understanding of God's Word and to stay connected to Jesus.

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