How to Recognize the devil’s Tactics

Our life is a journey to the Promised Land, but we are challenged every step of the way. While we have chosen Jesus Christ to be our Savior and we are following His ways, satan is watching for an opportunity to attack us when we grow weary.

Tactic One- Stop God’s Word

Jill Briscoe in her book, “Here Am I , Lord…Send somebody else!” states that satan’s one major goal is to prevent God’s Word from getting to people.  This makes sense because in America’s public schools every religious leader is welcome except for Jesus Christ.

When I was a little girl in elementary school we bowed our heads every morning and the principal prayed over the intercom. But today not even a moment of silence occurs except for when the school is remembering the loss of life for 9/11 or other similar events.

Think about how many church buildings are closed due to the fear of spreading Covid 19. 

Tactic Two – Planting Seeds of Discontent

Satan is busy planting seeds of discontent in our minds, so that we won’t share God’s Word. And like Jill Briscoe points out if we are busy muttering long and loud enough, then we can’t even hear God’s voice.

Thank goodness that today we have God’s word available to us in words that we can read.  And if we obey, then satan has no power over us. 

Tactic Three- Delay

But he uses other devices like “delay.”  In our generation of microwaves, text messages, and other instant communication, we do not like to wait. Instead we try to figure out the answer for ourselves and end up with a solution that causes as many problems as the golden calf did for the Israelites.

We all have important decisions and turn to the LORD with our questions.  But do we camp out long enough to receive God’s answers? 

The Israelites sure didn’t and I know 40 days seems like forever in a generation expecting instant communication. I wonder how many young Christians give up too quickly on prayer.

God teaches us patience in the same way that mothers teach their young children to wait. Moms don’t immediately reward their wailing children who are throwing a temper tantrum. Instead the child must learn patience.

Jill explains that God isn’t in a hurry. God tests us to see if we are willing to wait for his instructions.  It reminds me of waiting at a red light when I’m in a hurry to get to my destination.  If I don’t wait and instead zoom through the intersection, I’m risking a crash!

Instead of taking life into our own hands, Jill encourages us to meet with God. Pitch your tent and prepare to wait.  But while we are sitting at the base of the mountain we should read the bible until a principle relevant to our situation is revealed.  It is important to be certain we have God’s permission before we take action especially on life’s important decisions.

The devil will try to push us into impatient and unwise decisions. If something arises that needs an urgent decision, then pay attention because you may be heading right towards a cliff!

Tactic Four- Disillusionment

Another tactic that the devil will use against us is disillusionment. Just like the Israelites were unhappy with their leader, that often happens in our church buildings too.

We may begin griping about how our pastor or bible study leader just isn’t as helpful as anticipated.  We may complain they didn’t even reach out to us when we were sick and needed their assistance! 

Now, our feelings are hurt and we look in other places for people to meet our needs. We may visit other churches, religious denominations, and follow different spiritual leaders on Twitter. This doesn’t seem dangerous and may not be, but we need to proceed cautiously if we find ourselves in a similar situation.

There’s not need to be hasty. But instead pray and think about how easily the Israelites had been deceived. 

After all they did not reject God! They just accepted other beliefs that seemed as good or better. Beliefs similar to their neighbors, the Egyptians.

Beware this week if delay, discontent, and disillusionment shows up in your week. But don’t be surprised that time to read your bible slips through your fingers.

The devil is always willing to provide us with a substitution to take God’s place.

Nothing Can Stop God’s Word

Be encouraged with knowing God will speak and work with those who listen. God’s word is truth and power. 

The Living Word Abides forever.

Not even the devil can stop God’s word…he can only delay the power from spreading, not prevent it.

God will find those who believe.  And He will deliver the Word to the people to whom He sends you if you are on the Lord’s side.

“Climb Sinai one more time and let God chisel out His laws on the tablet of your heart. Then, as the Israelites did in Exodus 34:1, carry it down to the people and share it with them!”

Jill Briscoe, “Here Am I Lord, Send Someone Else!”

During these days of fear and spreading illness, it is important for Christ’s followers to step up our game and actually take action to be ambassadors of Christ. 

We can do this without even leaving our home!

We can share scripture with others through blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media. 

We can call our neighbors, family, and friends to check on them. 

Then pray with them right then on the phone as they share their fears, hopes, and trials. 

Don’t let the Word of God be stopped from encouraging your family and friends.  Let’s help God’s word flow on social media by sharing those posts whenever we encounter them.

“Climb Sinai one more time and let God chisel out His laws on the tablet of your heart. Then, as the Israelites did in Exodus 34:1, carry it down to the people and share it with them!” Jill Briscoe



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Briscoe, Jill. Here I am Lord Send Someone Else

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