Relieving Stress With Music

Stressors appear in many shapes. Work, financial, and even illness all affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One strategy to relieve stress is listening to music. So this past week as I read David’s psalms I reflected how stressed he must have been when he wrote these psalms.

David played the harp, so this week I listened to the beautiful sound of his instrument. While it’s not the same shape he would have used, it is in the harp family. Even the hand motions while playing this instrument is beautiful to watch. Check out the video below to feel your muscles relax.

Absolutely beautiful to watch as well to listen.

An uncertainty of the future plagued David too. Death loomed at any misstep. And He felt all alone out in the desert. But during those times, He played his musical instruments and sang about all his troubles to the Lord.

C. H. Spurgeon shared, “When you are full of troubles, go to God with them, that is the very time when you most need to pray.” And that is exactly how David responded. Although physically exhausted from running and perplexed as to why events occurred; he did not stay away from God’s grace. Instead he sought God’s grace.

I’m certain the daily news distracted David. Messengers were carrying bits of news to him and it probably seemed as bleak as our media does today.

When we are distracted by work, our to-do list, and worrisome news; this is exactly when we need the Lord to look upon our distractions. When the Lord looks upon us, He places His gentle hand upon our soul and restores us to Himself.

We can never go wrong by seeking the Lord in prayer, that is the correct response to all our problems.

David responded by writing his prayers, playing instruments, and singing. In the beginning it may have been to encourage himself, but it grew to strengthen the spirits of the men who followed him, and throughout all these years to glorify God.

We all have talents that can be used to serve God. If you sing or play instruments, I believe you are truly blessed. I lack that specific gift and naturally am amazed by others’ talents.

However the Lord has blessed each of us with our individuality…with something that only we can accomplish. Something that the Lord accepts and uses for His purposes.

In the 80’s loud instruments like drums attracted me to the Christian faith. But the Methodist church I attended at that time, stated drums were “not appropriate” for the church service.

My brain rationalized if an instrument existed too loud to serve the Lord; then maybe my own voice, dress, and personality clashed with God’s expectations. However that was not true, the 80’s styles only upset the congregation’s expectations. Not God’s.

God created you. You’re not just a noisy gong.

No matter how God created you, the Lord can use you in mighty ways too. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below to see how a loud obnoxious clanging metallic instrument sounds when placed in the hands of an individual God gifted with rhythm.

God uses tambourines for His glory.

 The Lord takes tambourines and places them in skilled hands to create music. Even Drums are now used in many church services and although my favorite Christian Drummer is the News Boys…I’m sharing a different video to make my point how beautifully drums can be played to worship during a church service.

So cool that drums are part of today’s church services!

The Lord used Christian music involving drums to beat a different message through my thick head. Not only did the rock sound please my ear, it calmed me when I felt perplexed about life.

In the same way that music can inspire a nation to fight, it can turn as soft and soothing to rock a newborn to sleep.

Music can be thrilling or it can comfort. It solicits a unconscious response of toe tapping, finger snapping, and humming along with the tune.

Music is the Lord’s gift to us. It is an universal language that the Lord uses to strengthen us when our spirit falters. God inspires us with song.

The interesting thing when you read music is that there is never a single note on the page. Music happens when each individual note speaks up in relation to the other. So every note and every instrument in the symphony makes a difference.

Below is not a symphony but a family where each person plays their own instrument and together they create a beautiful song to glorify the Lord.

Each note, each instrument is important to the song!

But don’t worry if you aren’t musically gifted. I’m not either, but we can still be refreshed by the universal language that God created. I encourage you to turn off the news, the sitcoms, and the movies….listen to music and feel the world’s stressors melt away.

Psalm 81 Rewritten into a prayer

Sing for joy to God our strength;

make a joyful noise

Lift up a song, whistle a tune,

play a sweet-sounding melody.

Allow the Lord to relieve your burden

He will free you

When you call out in distress, the Lord rescues you.

He answers from a cloud of thunder

He answers on bitter cold days

He is the LORD our God

Who brings you out of danger.

When you are hungry, He feeds you.

When you obey him; He listens

He gives new hearts

To follow His ways

Listen for Him.

Follow his steps.

And you will be satisfied with honey from the rock

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