Encourage the Disheartened

Are you afraid to fail? So terrified your knees buckle and you fall to the ground drawing in huge gulps of air? Do your paralyzed legs and arms feel heavier than a elephant?

Are you stammering excuses why you couldn’t possible do it. “I don’t speak well.” “Nobody will listen to me,” rolls off your tongue faster than a speeding bullet.

Nothing teaches you to embrace Jesus tighter than a “Mose’s moment.” Moses was fearful of failing too. He felt like He didn’t speak well. But the LORD was saying, “Go, I am sending you!” (Exodus 3: 10 NIV).

Moses knew Pharaoh wouldn’t listen to him! He questioned the Lord, “Who am I?” But the LORD answered him, “I will be with you.”

I love how Jill Briscoe says, “We can not excuse ourselves for being righteous wimps because God’s only choice is imperfect people.”

Moses suggested his brother Aaron as a better choice. But if he had looked closely at the object that the LORD was choosing to display his glory at that very moment, he would have seen a scraggly bush in the desert. If the Lord can use a scraggly bush to burn brightly, then there is hope for you and me too!

Sometimes we don’t think the Lord can use us because we are born in enemy territory. But those people are exactly the type of people who the LORD chooses to use.

Jill Briscoe shares, “God uses fallible people to share infallible truth through the process of sharing how God transformed them into a transformer.”

I remember a time when I avoided befriending women especially church women.


Previous friends moved away while others slowly dissolved over time. There just didn’t seem to be much time to invest in making new friends outside of my full time job and family.

Think for a moment about who introduced you to God?

For me it was a friend from middle school who had invited me to her church youth group. I wonder if she had been afraid to sit beside me in the cafeteria on that first day. Did she wonder whether I would listen as she invited me to attend her church function? She wasn’t an expert in spiritual truths, an experienced speaker, or even a trained disciple. Instead she was a scraggly bush sharing the light that God had ignited in her heart with another scraggly bush. And guess what? Scraggly bushes burn brightly!

Step out of your comfort zone!

So this week, find another scraggly bush to plop beside and strike up a conversation. Intentionally talk with another woman at church, work, or in your neighborhood.

Ask the Lord to show you a women who may even be lonely and secretly praying for a godly friend. A friend who they can call to pray with when difficult times arise. Then be that friend. Give them your telephone number and encourage them to call, text, or email you so you can stay in touch.

If you are on social media, you can message someone. For the past three weeks, I have reached out to 3 other women. Each week I introduced myself and asked if they would be interested in staying in touch during the week in an effort to encourage each other with our goals. One person each week responded back positively and now I have three more friends!

Then call, text, or email them to check on them at least once during the week. You can send a bible verse, a prayer, or just a quick hello.

When you question, “Who am I?” Remember, the Lord is with you. He is sending you to burn brightly and connect with other people. To share your journey with Jesus with another person may not only transform you, but them too!

Will You Pray With Me?

Heavenly Father, you are mighty in power;

My defender against fear.

My victor against spiritual warfare.

Your Holy presence reveals truth

and pushes fearful thoughts away.

Trust replaces my line of thinking.

Stooping down, you draw me into your arms.

Your loving words comfort my hurting heart.

Your power flows into my inner being.

The enemy of my soul runs for cover.

Your Holy Spirit strengthens my resolve.

Only you Lord, magnify your presence.

Draw my thoughts back to you.

Give us wisdom, and guide me to follow your will.

Fill my mouth with songs of praise for your glory

Teach me to love you in obedience.

In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen.

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Briscoe, Jill. Here I am Lord Send Someone Else

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