Being Thankful When Our World Shakes

My entire world changed in an instant with health issues which surfaced way too soon. Brain fog, mobility issues, and even the breath in my lungs can’t be taken for granted any longer.

I wonder is there anything that I can count on anymore? Will the sun rise tomorrow?

Is there anything in my life that I can rely on to stay the same?  Will the stars shine once more?

Is there anything that can’t be destroyed?

There is one thing that can’t be shaken.

If you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you have received a kingdom that can not be shaken.

So why are there moments when I feel as if I can’t stand?

How to Be Thankful When Our World is Shaken

In those moments, I trust Jesus Christ as divine authority over my heart and life. I thank him for remaining in my life season after season, forever.  Jesus is always near.  His healing truth burns through the brain fog, steadies my gait, and revives me morning after morning.

I can’t help but notice when my world is shaken the most is when I run to God the fastest.  It’s when I rely totally on him. His word releases the tightness in my chest. And I’m free to draw in my next breath. I cling to his word, his grace, and strength.

In times of uncertainty, my attention is ever drawn to his word.  His grace remains with me throughout the day, and his truth is constant on my mind.

The hustle bustle of the holiday season can prevent the time needed to sit in the presence of the Lord.

But even in the quiet room of a hospital, the silence becomes a holy sanctuary.

A Heavenly message can be delivered anywhere if only we will seek Him.

When our world is shaken, we can no longer rest on our intellectual beliefs that God reigns. But must believe from our heart and soul.

During these times of uncertainty, I open my ears to hear my Lord answer me. I sing louder than usual. And faithfully read the pages of my bible to soothe my hurting heart.

I turn to Jesus, as if I just awoke and am hearing his voice for the first time. I acknowledge his Divine authority and welcome his holy way.

Jesus who calmed the storm, with a word calms the storms within me. Christ who turned the ordinary water into the best wine can turn my extra- ordinary days into an extraordinary life.

My Savior who calls the dead to life again, revives me every morning.

Even when life shakes us to the core, our trust in our Lord steadies us.

Remembering what he has already done results with our Thanksgiving for God.

We Praise Him for what he is doing now, and what he still has yet to reveal.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, Hebrews 12:28 NIV

How to Be Thankful when Your World is Shaken

  1. Trust Jesus Christ as the divine authority over your heart and life.
  2. Thank Him for His presence.
  3. Ask Him for whatever you need
  4. Confess whatever is burdening your soul.
  5. Turn away from our own ways and turn to Him
  6. Remember how he has blessed you.
  7. Thank him for working in your life.
  8. Trust Him with your future.

What are you Thanking Jesus For Today?

Be fearless and write it in the comments below.

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If you find yourself having difficulty finding things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season, consider reading How to Find Peace. 

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3 thoughts on “Being Thankful When Our World Shakes

  1. As much as it is painful I am very thankful for the shaking God sends. It reminds me of His great love for me that He would allow the shaking to remove ‘self’ from me. What a blessing.

    He also reminds me that He is unshakeable even as my world falls apart. Jesus gives us great hope by being our firm foundation. The more the world shakes the more I turn to Him in uncompromising faith!

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

    1. Yes, Les I agree it like the gold miners when they shake the sediment all the dirt falls away and only the gold remains. So thankful that Jesus is our firm foundation, the one thing that we can always count on! And so thankful that He rejoices whenever we turn to Him.

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