Honoring Mom When It Hurts

Tucked away beneath my pink t-shirt, hidden by my brown jacket is a necklace.  It belongs to my mother although she wasn’t the one who gave it to me.  My necklace is ordinary.  It is not beautiful or valuable, but I wear it every day.  It reminds me of a broken dream and the hope for a new life.

Whether your mom lives here on earth or in heaven, there are still valuable ways to honor your mom.

What if my Mom wasn’t good to me?

Regard your mom with affection not just with words but with your heart regardless of how she may have treated you.

Mothers are often tired women who make many mistakes.  She may not always made the right choices, said the right words, or provided the correct example for you.

However, even if your mother failed in some area to fulfill her duty to God to care for you, this does not negate your obligation.  God commands children to honor their mother.

God is wise and knows that you will not always have the opportunity, so we should act honorably while we can. If you honor your mom during her time on earth then when she enters heaven, you will have beautiful memories to treasure.

However if you do not honor your mom because she failed you in some way, you will never heal.  When she leaves this world, you will be sorry for your actions and have great difficulty finding a way to make amends. If this describes your circumstances, dear one Jesus hears the cries of your heart and will forgive you.  Confess to him and be forgiven. There will be a day when you shall meet again.

The more difficult it is for you to honor your mother because she is unworthy in your eyes, the more certain that this will not escape the attention of your Heavenly Father.  He will be pleased when you call on his strength and choose to honor your mother.

1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Simple Ways to Honor Mom

  1. Show Gratitude.

Remember her love, her care for you during your terrible twos, all the early mornings taking you to school, clubs, and sporting events.

Remember when she bandaged all your bumps and bruises from bicycle wrecks, mis-directed baseballs, and unexpected falls from the slide.

Remember all the days her heart yearned for your hugs and kisses.

Remember how she worked hard during the day and was often awake during long nights as she cared for you.

  • Call her or write her a card to thank her personally
  • Honor her memory by posting a picture on social media

2. Listen to your mother’s opinion even if her views are different.

Prayerfully consider them because the Lord chose her as your mother for a reason. Listen to her instructions and warnings not to drink excessively, gamble, or smoke.  She loves you and is looking out for your well-being.

  • Call her and listen patiently to your mother’s opinions about both important and not so important life events. Remember she listened attentively to you babble non-coherent words for months!
  • Write her a card and ask for advice about an important or not so important decision. You mother will feel important to be included as part of your life.
  •  Even if your mother now resides in heaven with our Glorious Jesus Christ, you remember her opinion on many important matters. Take a moment and reflect on an opinion she stated often.

3. Provide for your mom as she had provided for you since the day of your birth. Do not wait for her to ask you for help, but assist her with things that you often did when you lived at home.

Consider all the times, she assisted you with small things like completing homework, or larger things like learning the way of Jesus Christ. This is your opportunity to return kindness which will return to you as a wonderful blessing.

    • When she falls sick, provide financially or simply comfort her with a bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup and goldfish crackers.
    • Consider sending a gift card for a grocery store, a car wash certificate, or a lawn service.
    • If your mother lives in heaven now, reflect on who in your life may be blessed and choose someone to bless in the memory of your mom. You may prayerfully consider visiting Compassion International to sponsor a child in the memory of your mom.

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4. Confide in your parent.

God chose you as the son or daughter of your mom. She is the best and most impartial friend that God has blessed you with. Seek her advice, this will be a blessing to her.

Ephesians 6:2 NIV Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with a promise that it may go well with you and that you may have a long life on the earth. 

May I pray for You?

Heavenly Father, you are good.

Flame the fire in my heart to know you Lord.

Your presence surrounds me.

You draw me close and hold me tenderly.

You are more than a provider.

Your eyes reveal who your sons and daughters were created to be.

You are the one true God.

You sent your only son to rescue me.

In your son Jesus Christ, I find the love I long for.

The time spent alone with you is precious to me.

Jesus remains by my side keeping me safe.

He will ensure I reach my final destination.

Jesus is the bread of my life.

He supplies more than my hope imagined.

I trust you Lord Jesus.

I believe you are at work in my life.

You tuck dreams in my heart.

You reveal hope.

You alone satisfy the desperate cry of heart.

I believe Lord that you dearly love me.

Forgive me when I look only to my mother to fill this need.

When I rely on you, I truly feel alive.

In you, I find hope for my relationship with my mother.

I will not be afraid for you heal both physically and spiritually.

I refuse to dwell on worrisome thoughts.

Instead, I turn my thoughts to Christ who answers all my needs.

I pray for my family to believe.

You know their hearts and their beliefs.

Remove their hardness and replace it with tenderness.

Give them a new spirit to know, You are the provider of all things.

In Jesus Name, I pray Amen.




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