When Stuck in the Comparison Trap

One God ruling in my thankful heart,

I’m praising you for guarding my mind.

Be my protector, forever more.


Disperse your Spirit through my ambitions.

When I compare myself to others;

Direct my eyes to your word, for approval.


I exalt you for strengthening my soul.

Fill me Lord, with your spiritual energy.


Jesus, you are perfect righteousness.

Thank you, for your loving sacrifice,


Keep me from adjusting your standards;

according to what I desire.


Allow me to feel your Almighty Strength!

And help me Lord, to remember your word.


Give me wisdom to resist evil thoughts,

and refocus my attention towards you.


Build up my holy courage:


One God ruling in my thankful heart, and I

When I believed on you Jesus,

I was credited with righteousness.


Jesus, I praise your Holy Name.


Your Response:

Dear Friend,

I would love to praise God with you for what he has accomplished in your life as well as  pray for you through your current challenges. Feel free to comment how God has overcome a struggle in your life or list any specific request you may have for prayer in the comments below.

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Published by April Jollie

Teacher + Writer = Lessons of Hope for Tough Days, writer to deepen understanding of God's Word and to stay connected to Jesus.

4 thoughts on “When Stuck in the Comparison Trap

    1. Thank you Denise for reading and taking the time to comment. Yes, it is easy for me to focus on what I desire and somehow contort the bible to fit my agenda. I hope you have a blessed week!

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