What Do We Cherish?

Years ago, I bought a 1969 mustang with a 302 engine and even wrestled with a waterproof cover every night. The bright blue metallic paint needed protection from the harsh sun and the salty sea air.

Every week my arms waxed on, waxed off  as well as shining the chrome wheels. Goop and a cloth rag were my Saturday morning companions.

One afternoon I drove into a Quik Oil Stop for an oil change. A man in greasy overalls carrying a rear end axle drew near to admire the sparkling specks glinting in the sun. As he turned to walk away the end of the axle slipped from his grasp and crunched the crease in the top of my rear quarter panel.

Anger lit through my body like lightning and my eyes vaporized him on the spot. Dangerous thoughts circled and even worse words streamed from my mouth. My eyes widened at my own reaction and my mind screamed this is all wrong!

According to Merriam Webster when you cherish someone you protect and lovingly care for them.

I knew the bible gives examples of the word “cherish” as genuine care for others, children, and our loved ones in their old age (Philippians 2:20; Thessalonians 2:7; Ruth 4:15).

Nope, Ford Mustang never appears not even once in my bible.

The second definition for Cherish according to Merriam Webster is to keep a hope or ambition in one’s mind.

The bible also give other examples such as cherishing our hope in God for resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked, the prize of heavenly calling in Christ Jesus, and wisdom (Acts 24:15; Philippians 3:14; Proverbs 4:8). It even explains how our body should be cherished and men should love their wife in the same way that Christ cherishes the church (Ephesians 5:29).

According to J.R. Thomson, Christians should cherish the assurance that none can really harm them.

If the clumsy worker knew Christ, now would be an ideal time to praise God for that fact!

Christ came to save the lost sinners not against their will but by their own consent (R.H. Baisley).

So, I had a choice. I could cherish anger or I could choose to cherish my salvation which is holiness and communication with God (R.H. Baisley). And that very moment I needed Jesus to change my heart and fast!

I didn’t recall the bible pages including any objects, but did remember that the godless in heart cherish anger (Job 36:13). This verse helped to identify my car as a stumbling block.

When anger seizes your soul, quickly look up to Jesus who lives in heaven. Ask for forgiveness and help to overcome the temptation of placing things above people.

E.S. Prout stated one of the most characteristic fruit of Christians is they cherish love towards beloved children of our Father God. That includes mechanics even when they aren’t completing stellar work.

Faith in Christ enables love in which all God’s people are cherished (Colossians 1:4 Weymouth New Testament).  Even those who just dropped a huge chunk of metal on your antique car.

The man met me in the office area and his greasy hands were trembling as he wrote his information on a card. The uncertain manager monitored this dicey situation but remained silent.

But in my heart, Christ was Lord. Both men’s mouths dropped open when I didn’t respond like an angry customer.

I’m certain my eyes were just as wide with surprise of this sudden emotional change.

Sometimes we just have to cherish thankfulness to God when his power enables us to demonstrate acceptable service with godly reverence and awe (Weymouth New Testament Hebrews 12:28).

Time for Reflection:

What did you spend time protecting and lovingly caring for last weekend?

How do you show genuine care for others, children, and your loved ones in their old age?

Is your hope for ambition or prize of heavenly calling in Christ Jesus?

Are you caring for your body and protecting it like Christ would?

When tempted are you choosing to remain angry?

What material items in your life may be a stumbling block for you?

Call to Action:

Be intentional this weekend to show genuine care for the significant relationships in your life including children and elderly loved ones. Care for your body and protect it. Choose to release any anger as well as any material items that may be hindering a relationship.


Dear Friend,

I would love to pray for you. Feel free to leave a comment about the above questions or any specific request you may have for prayer. You may also connect with me on Instagram.

Heavenly Father, We praise you. You are our hope for resurrection and our assurance that nothing can harm us. We thank you for the loving tenderness that you display as you care and protect our physical bodies everyday. We ask that you reveal any areas that may be a stumbling block in our relationship with you Lord. Help us, Holy Spirit ,to respond to people with mercy instead of anger. In Jesus Name, we pray Amen. 


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Published by April Jollie

Teacher + Writer = Lessons of Hope for Tough Days, writer to deepen understanding of God's Word and to stay connected to Jesus.

4 thoughts on “What Do We Cherish?

  1. As a lover of all Mustangs, I thank you for your wonderful post. I doubt if I would have been so gracious (being honest).
    My first car was a 1964+1/2 silver blue Mustang. It was a graduation gift and I sure cherished it. I’ve had 3 others since then. Can I have a ride in yours? Being mature now, I cherish my savior and not things.😎

    1. Wow, we do have a lot in common! It was a struggle, but the Lord prevailed. My mom had a pink Mustang when I little and I’m pretty certain that I treasured hers too. Of course, I will give you a ride but it’s not the same as my old mustang with the 302 rumbly engine. Praise the Lord that we are wise women to cherish our Savior!

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