Why do I FEEL unloved?

Several years ago I drew a heart and hastily scrawled my husband and sons’ names, St. John’s Island, and even chocolate inside it.

My hand never paused to consider how big of an area, each item takes up in my own heart. As I calculated whether chocolate really needed to take up so much room, my eyes narrowed.  Where was God?  His presence was absent in my heart!  Of course, He knows I love him.

Thinking back to my teen years, I remember lying on my bed blasting Van Halen and talking to God. “I know You love me, and I love you too…..but I need someone here on Earth to love me.”  Although I had a mother, father, grandma, uncles, aunts, brothers, friends, and teachers who cared about me, I still felt unloved.  Why?  Movies, books, and television shows told me I needed a man in order to feel loved and I believed it.

However the truth is, I am a daughter of the King of all Kings. God desires your conversation even if you’ve already turned him away or stuffed your life with imitations.  Enticing images surround us on earth, but pure love comes from heaven.

Don’t believe the lie any longer. The world’s love brings shame, guilt, hopelessness, and unworthiness you secretly hide in your heart.  No, I hadn’t listed those things!  Regardless, they squeeze my lungs.

I breathe again when I trust Jesus Christ to heal my heart. He already knows all your secrets too and He still pursues you.  The King of Kings is the Author of Love.  He created perfect love and because of his love for you, He willingly gave his life to save you.

“Now listen Daughter, don’t miss a word…Our King is wild for you. Since he’s your lord, adore him.”  Psalm 45: 10-11 (The Message) Our King is captivated by you, and he only asks one thing as we await His return.  He asks for our adoration…  and only you can willingly surrender your heart to Him.

Remember Miriam, Moses’ big sister? The young girl bold and sassy enough to suggest Pharaoh’s daughter adopt her baby brother as her own!  Our King was captivated by Miriam when she sang praises.  It obviously pleased him, because He carefully preserved her song in Exodus.

As an adult she witnessed the Lord’s great power. He created a wall of water on her right and left, so she walked through the sea on dry ground.  Exodus 15: 21 Miriam sang: “Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted, the horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea.”

When God works mightily in our lives, he desires us to sing and exalt him with our own song. Smiling, I border God’s names around my heart’s perimeter as I say, “Thank you LORD! I highly exalt you, all my hopelessness and unworthiness you have hurled away from me.”


Published by April Jollie

Teacher + Writer = Lessons of Hope for Tough Days, writer to deepen understanding of God's Word and to stay connected to Jesus.

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